Welcome to German Shepherds Vom Grunewaldsee

Pure European Quality Working German Shepherds

Vom Grunewaldsee is a small hobby kennel dedicated to producing high quality German Shepherds located in South Surrey, B.C.
We are located on over 25 acres in a field and forested setting creating a world class security training field.
Perfect for SCHH, French Ring or KMPV.
Our dogs are selectively chosen from select European lines to ensure top quality working dogs.
We have a full training facility with over 25 years of training experience from personal protection, conformation to handling.

Here at Grunewaldsee we breed physically and mentally sound proven working dogs.

Our GSD’s are capable of working in various situations such as Shutzhund, personal protection, Family security, obedience or simply as a personal loyal companion.

Our puppies are sold to select homes only. We understand that not all pups have the drive required for advanced training; however they will all make excellent pets for family companionship and security. We start imprinting at the age of 4 weeks at our facility and farm environment and do full evaluations of every dog to ensure it will be a great fit for you.

Many years of dedication, compassion, and line studies have provided us with the opportunity to produce and import high quality German Shepherd companions.

Vom Grunewaldsee Kennel is driven to provide each customer with a refined GSD clear of all known congenital and temperament defects that will be capable of meeting your training expectations.
We strive to achieve the highest levels of working potential in our dogs through selective breeding and line studies.

Director of training and breeding:

German and English Speaking

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